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A number of princely fiefdoms based on wet rice cultivation and associated with the pottery and bronze culture of Ban Chiang developed in the middle Mekong Valley from the first century A.D. These fiefdoms exercised power over their neighbors, in circumstances of generally sparse populations, through expanding and contracting spheres of influence.

As a result of the expansion and contraction of mandala, places of importance were known by more than one name. Muang Sawa (Sua) was the name of LuangPrabang following its conquest in 698 A.D. by a Lao prince, Khun Lor (the oldest son of Khun Bourom).
Khun Lor who seized his opportunity when NanChao was engaged elsewhere. "Khun Lor" had been awarded the town by his father (Khun Bourom) who is associated with the Lao legend of the creation of the world, which the Lao share with the Shan and other peoples of the region. Khun Lor established a dynasty whose fifteen rulers reigned over an independent Muang Sawa for the better part of a century.

Khun Bourom Maharasa Dynasty - The great King of Nan Chao (Ai Lao) Empire

Khun Bourom had 9 sons, seven of them became king in a different kingdom in the area of the so-called "Lamthong":
1. Khun Lor - ruled Muangg Sawa (Sua), (LuangPhrabang, Laos)
2. Khun Palanh - ruled SipsongPanna, (China)
3. Khun Chousong - ruled TungKea, (Muang HuaPhanh to Tonkin, Vietnam)
4. Khun Saiphong - ruled Lanna, (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
5. Khun Ngua In - ruled Ayudthaya, (Thailand)
6. Khun Lok Khom - ruled Muang Hongsa (Inthaput), (Shan state, Myanmar)
7. Khun ChetCheuang - ruled Muang Phuan, (XiengKhouang, Laos)

There were 19 Lao kings after King 'Khun Lor' that ruled Muang Sawa (Sua)- It is called LuangPrabang today. The last one was Khun Vaang. After he died, his son named "Lang" took the throne and was named "King Langthirath". After King Langthirath died, his son (Prince Khamphong) was crowned as King Souvanna Khamphong.
After King Souvanna Khamphong died, his son "Chao Fifah" or "Kham Hiew" took the throne. Chao Fifah (Kham Hiew) had 6 sons and one of them was "Chao FaNgum".

King FaNgum was the creator of Lan Xang Kingdom in the 13th century.

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