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Traditional Lao food is simple and straight forward. Rice and vegetables plus perhaps some dried fish, soup and sauce make an excellent meal for many households. If you like Thai food, you will like Lao cuisine because they are many similarities.
Sticky Rice is the foundation of all Lao meals, and most Lao prefer the glutinous sticky rice to the ordinary white cooked rice. Almost all of Lao dishes are cooked with fresh ingredients whether they are vegetables, chicken, duck, pork, fish, beef. One of the most common Lao dishes that is served fairly widely in restaurants is Laab.
It is served cold and is usually accompanied by sticky rice, Jeow Bong (Lao traditional homemade sauce), peppers and vegetables. Laab is made from minced meat, fish or vegetables which are tossed with lime juice, garlic, powdered rice, green onions, mint leaves and chilies. Lao also eat a lot of what could be called Chinese food.

French bread and Croissant (Lao style) are very popular throughout Laos. Another popular Lao food is called "Tum Mak Hung" (more commonly known as "Tum Som" in Laos or "Som Tum" in Thailand). Many Lao dishes are quite spicy because of the Lao penchant for "Mak Phet" (hot chilly pepper). "Phoe" (Rice noodle soup), spring rolls, grilled chicken, barbecued pork, beef jerky (Sinh Savan) and meatballs are some the daily snacks of the Lao people.

Keang Khaem   Tum MakHoung (Papaya salad   Laab Sinh  

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