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The trees are planted throughout the country and in particular, can be seen near the monastic areas. If you travel in Laos, you will find Dok_Champa tree everywhere from the northern province 'Phongsaly' to the southern province 'Champasack'.
The waxy flower with a sweet scent can be found in many colors: red, yellow, pink and multiple pastels. For the Lao people, it represents sincerity and joy in life. It is often used as a decoration in ceremonies or made into a garland to welcoming guests. The Dok_Champa blooms everyday and lasts a long time.
If you visit the world heritage city Luang Prabang, you cannot miss it especially around Wat (Lao temples). The pictures on the right are Dok Champa. Now you know what they look like..

Below is a Dok_Champa's Lao National song.
Dok Champa
Dok Champa (Plumeria)
Lao National Flower

Lao National Flower

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